1. You shall learn the work entrusted to you with due diligence and care.

2. You shall not divulge our business secrets to any person without our consent in writing. If you do so not only your training/production period shall be terminated immediately but also we may proceed against you claiming damages.

3. You are liable to be transferred from one section to another section or from one branch to another branch or to any concern of the management.

4. You shall abide by the rules and regulations of the company laid down, from time to time, and shall Also carry out the responsibilities to the satisfaction of your superiors .You are expected to update Your knowledge on rules and regulations of the company passed from time to time and your ignorance of the same will not be a reason for any excuses

5. You shall not carry on any business or enter into any part time business of the similar nature of our business, nor shall you do any business connected with the business of our establishment during the working hours for your own and as private or, be engaged by any other firm or concern or establishment. You shall only do the assigned work whole time and shall not engage yourself for any work not connected with our establishment.

6. In the event of your terminating the services with us you are to give one month notice to us or one month pay in lieu of notice and if the management wants to terminate your services other than for reasons under clauses 2 and 10 the management shall complete your Full & Final settlement and pay your dues/salary as applicable.

7. On completion of your probation, the management would decide on your employment status and increment depending on your attendance, performance, attitude and other relevant factors.

8. You shall furnish us your residential address and your family status and in the event of any change either in the residential address or in your family status you shall always keep informed of the same to the management.

9. The company will have the right to withhold or suspend the employee from work without pay or other equivalent benefits or after proper enquiry dismiss your services in any of the following clauses and you shall not be entitled to any compensation of whatever nature.

A. Insubordination including disobedience or order from his/her superiors.

B. Misconduct either inside or outside the premises of the company.

C. Corruption or dishonesty.

D. Neglect of Duty.

E. Theft, fraud or dishonesty.

F. Drunken, rioting, disorderly behavior or subversive ACT.

G. Willful damages to any property of the company.

H. Conviction for any criminal offence and acts

I. Adjudication as an insolvent.

10. The employee shall at once inform the company of any act of dishonesty and/ or action prejudicial to the interest of the company on the part of any person which may come to the employee's knowledge.

11. If you are an intern then please note that your confirmation is the sole discretion of the management and is completely based on your performance.

12. In the initial month/s when you are in internship and/or probation, you would be trained as per the schedule lined up by the concern department and cannot be changed as per some individuals requirement. If for any reason an intern or employee in probation has not reported, the company reserves all the rights to withdraw the offer with immediate effect and either reinstate the intern or employee under probation in the next program and the existing offer automatically is terminated and a new offer would be given if the company is convinced on the same.